The truth that virtually every terrorist attack in India carries the footprints of Pakistan is not new to us. The reality that Pakistan sponsors, plans, directs, guides and promotes terrorism in the valley of Kashmir and elsewhere in India stands repeatedly proven and exposed. In a recent diversionary move, Pakistan  put the mastermind of Kashmir unrest, Hafiz Saeed under house arrest to mislead the world into thinking that  Pakistan had, at long last, decided to curb its state-sponsored terrorism. Fortunately no one is so gullible as to believe this eyewash. Quick as ever, Saeed’s brother Hafiz Makki has taken over the reins of the Jamaat Ud Dawa while Saeed regales himself on state hospitality.

Well, for the world  Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist but for the Pak terror establishment Saeed is an ISI tool who has been imbued with iconic status in the eyes of the thousands who from the terror cohorts of the JuD. For the consumption of the rest of the world, Pakistan presents Hafiz Saeed as  a very reputable charitable leader running an altruistic  organization.
Hafiz Saeed is the ISI designated ringmaster for terror funding in Kashmir. Before he was ostensibly placed under house arrest, Saeed released a video inciting Kashmiri youth against India and holding the Modi – Trump   friendship as responsible for his house arrest.

Addressing a session at the 19th Asian Security Conference on “Combating Terrorism: Evolving an Asian Response” an NIA officer , Atul Goel revealed that Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF) is a charity trust run by terror outfits Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JuD), Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Al Rehmat Trust and Jaish-e-Mohammed all of which  have been funding terrorism in Kashmir.
He added that the NIA was investigating and looking into the activities of these terror outfits and the trusts associated with these outfits in Pakistan.

In fact, the Terrorist Funding Committee of the UN, on 14 March 2012, acting under Paragraph 1 of the Security Council Resolution No. 1904 (200) imposed an asset freeze on the Falah – e – Insaniat along with the JuD and the Lashkar – e – Tayyaba besides a host of other linked terror entities.

The Al Rehmat trust, which is the fastest growing non-government organization in Pakistan distributes pamphlets to collect funds for sacrificing animals during Eid. This trust, created by the notorious Jaish –e – Mohammad,  collects donations from the people of Pakistan in the name of charity and then smuggles the money into Kashmir  to sponsor unrest, violence and terror in the valley. On 11 March, 2010, the US Department of Treasury imposed sanctions on the Al Rehmat Trust on the grounds  that his organ of the Jaish – e – Mohammad  provided support for militant activities in Afghanistan including financial and logistical support to foreign fighters operating in that country.. In early 2009, several prominent members of al Rehmat Trust were recruiting students for terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Atul Goel also claimed that they have an entire network of people who work for their agenda of stirring terrorism in Kashmir. These outfits work in chains in different areas to raise funds from people in Pakistan. Especially, whenever there is any festival or natural disasters, the Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF) organize special campaigns to collect donations. The authorities even have a video in which two men from these terror outfits were captured soliciting funds from Pakistanis outside a mosque in Karachi in the presence of the Pakistan army. FIF also collect funds online.

Thus, these terror outfits masquerade as charitable outfits to attempt a thinly veiled disguise of their real purpose is collecting millions of dollars in donations through crowd-funding in Pakistan to spread mayhem, violence, killing, ravine and all the other horrors that are the handmaidens of terror.