Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Canada: Death Threats, Fear, and Self-Censorship

By: Thomas Quiggin, MA, CD
Twitter: @TomTSEC


Key Points

  • Freedom of expression and speech are under attack in Canada.
  • When researching or publishing on the subject of Islamists, death threats and law suits are a constant.
  • The Government of Canadais working to silence those who oppose the Islamists.

Chapter 15 of this book does not exist.  The intended title was “The Killing of Apostates and Non-Believers.”  The intended author, a former Muslim, chose not to write the chapter about life in Canada after you leave Islam – the life of an apostate.  The reason was fear.  The fear of having family members harassed or killed in Canada.  This is the reality of Canada today when it comes to freedom of religion, conscience, thought and expression.

No full chapter exists in this book on the horrors that face Muslim girls and women in Canada.  These girls and women face death threats and fear in Canada from the oppressive Islamist ideology.  Honour killings, or forced suicides as they are sometimes called, are under reported and under investigated.  Police at the front lines are trying to move forward on these issues, but they speak of the problems of resistance.  This resistance does not come from their (primarily white) supervisors, but from a lack of will and resources from city councils and police boards.  Few are willing to speak on these issues due to the prevailing atmosphere of political correctness. One of the best-informed women in Canada has gone silent and will not publish on these matters anymore.[1]  Fear is the weapon that is silencing these voices.

On the issue of the normalization of the subjugation of women, the true silence comes from the PIFs (Pro Islamist Feminists). Statements in Canada are regularly made to justify wife beating, child marriages and sexual slavery. Girls and women are women forced of out the room when they are “unclean” in Canadian public schools.  But the (primarily white) PIFs remain silent.  Perhaps their progressive values and social justice warrior ethics preclude them from commenting on why it is OK to beat women?  Do they believe women like being beaten? (Chapter 10)

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has used its influence to attempt to silence a reporter on such issues.  Why? Because the reporter had accurately reported on the Prime Minister’s speech to a segregated mosque that has direct ties to terrorism.  The PMO could not identify a single fault in the story, but chose to make a hostile call to the intimidate the reporter. (Chapter 17)

Virtually no main stream media reporting exists on the background of the mosque that was attacked in Quebec City in early 2017. However, plentiful open source information exists to show that the mosque’s leadership had extensive Muslim Brotherhood ties. Was the attack against the mosque carried out because it was  or because it was “Muslim Brotherhood?”   Why the silence? Is the media afraid to raise the issue out of fear, or out of political correctness? (Chapter 20)

In addition to missing chapters, this book also suffers from a certain degree of self-censorship.  Two of the writers in this book are already the subjects of fatwas and/or death threats.  Consequently, the use of imagery has been restricted.  Fear is the reason.

But perhaps the greatest cloud hanging over writing such a book is not the Islamists and their instance on enforcing “Islamophobia” and threatening those who oppose their domination.  The biggest single fear here may be from the Government of Canada.  Free speech is under attack in a variety of arenas in Canada.  The various motions on Islamophobia and the Heritage Canada M-103 hearings on these motions are clear indicators.  The current government has chosen to champion the agenda of the Islamists over the Canadian values found in the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Among those values most at risk are freedom of expression, conscience, thought, and opinion.

Prime Minister Trudeau says that Canada is now a new kind of country.  We are not defined by our history or our European national origins (read Judeo/Christian/Greco values) but by a new kind of “pan-cultural heritage” (read globalist/progressive/Islamist values). His admiration for the “basic dictatorship” of China and his glowing review of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro are just two more warnings about the future of Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau has openly cooperated with the Islamists; funded them; defended them; deflected criticism away from them and openly stated that he identifies with their vision and their beliefs.  He has never met with a reformist or secular Muslim group such as Muslims Facing Tomorrow, the Muslim Reform Movement, or the Canadian Thinkers’ Forum. (Chapter 12)


The enemy of Canadian society is not just the Islamists, but the triumph of the lack of will on the part of Canadians to reject the progressive/Islamist (Red/Green) alliance.  This direction, aided by the Government of Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau, will lead in one direction:  Submission.

[1]Interview with the author.



Thomas Quiggin, MA, CD is a court-qualified expert on terrorism (criminal court and federal court) and has had his expertise on the “the reliability of intelligence as evidence” recognized by the Federal Court of Canada.  He has also testified as a court expert to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He has also provided three training sessions to the Canadian Department of Justice as part of the special advocates program with the focus being on intelligence and evidence.  Thomas also has been a guest lecturer at the Canadian Police College with the lectures on terrorism and intelligence. He has previously published a book on national security titled Seeing the Invisible: National Security Intelligence in an Uncertain Age, (2007, World Scientific). You’re able to follow Thomas on Twitter, and obtain a copy of his very valuable book ‘The Danger of Political Islam to Canadahere