Thursday, July 19, 2018
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News with Conscience

For years, reporting on the threat of failed political policies which lead to the sponsoring of Islamic Extremism was lonely work. Today’s media and political landscape is very different. Which is why we believe reporting on such critical topics should be done out of experience.


The National Independent is a non-profit, reader-supported online news service and we don’t accept government or corporate funding. We focus on politics, shedding light on the corrupt policies that lead to the growth of terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. We support democracy, identity, human rights, protection of host-cultures and the environment. The National Independent covers news, conversations, transformative ideas and critical analyses from around the world, with a special department providing investigative journalism into Islamic Extremism.


We provide a platform for thinkers who are working to dismantle the unjust systems that threaten our national security. Which is why we support quality investigative journalism, as well as citizen journalism.


We walk the talk. Since we don’t accept government funding, we’re able to provide a growing, thriving alternative to mainstream, corporate news organizations; while maintaining balanced journalism. We believe in integrity, transparency and accountability in our editorial practices, while inspiring reform and enabling a true revolution in political consciousness.


The National Independent is supervised by The Imam Tawhidi Foundation.




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